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Trip to Bali (Villa)  バリ旅行(ぷち贅沢プライベートプールビラ)

Happy Holidays! End of the year is quickly approaching and it’s been difficult to keep the blog updated. For the holidays, we did a little trip with my sister and her husband to Bali, since they’ve already been to Singapore several times and wanted to do something different.
The trip was fun, albeit lots and lots of rain. It’s rainy season in Bali, and we did underestimate the rain. We thought it would be similar to Singapore and there would be bits of sun in between the rain. Unfortunately, the days we were there, it just poured ALL day. I didn’t mind as much since I have been to Bali twice before and just wanted some relax time, but I felt bad for my sister and her husband who have limited vacation days. They will be there for another week and I hope they are blessed with better weather.
This was my first time using flipkey.com to find accommodation and it turned out to be a great find. The website works similarly to airbnb, where individuals can list their place for vacation and long stay rentals. It seems like flipkey has more villa type properties than airbnb, but I haven’t actually used airbnb before so this may not be an accurate description. I found a 2 bedroom villa with a pool in Bali, a few minutes’ walk from the beach, for a very reasonable price. If I was to look for that type of villa in a hotel, I would easily cost triple the price.
It was not as close to the beach as we had originally thought, but the villa was beautiful and fully equipped. The owner was able to accommodate our baby needs (cell phone, free wi-fi, car and driver, maid service, baby cot and high chair and as I found on the last day, washer and dryer discreetly hidden) and provide personal support during our stay. They helped prepare a wonderful Christmas dinner for the family for a fee so we could relax at the villa and not worry about getting food, cooking and cleaning afterwards.
There is definitely luck involved. If you have an inattentive owner, you may not be able to reach them and will have no service or concierge to help you get through your vacation. However, since you have some communication with the owner before you book, you can get an idea of how responsive and helpful they will be before you book. There is no option to change once you arrive and you decide you don’t like the place, but we lucked out this time.
At least some of the flipkey listings can be found on Tripadvisor if you need that extra boost of confidence. Here’s the link to the place we stayed for anyone who is interested.

It’s a great way to enjoy vacation if you don’t require all the amenities of a resort, or you don’t mind doing a bit of footwork yourself. We felt like there was a lot of personal attention and it was actually easier than a resort to arrange special needs tailored for our family. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a bit more luxury for a reasonable price. Also, the owner’s personal style is highly reflected in each villa.
I had a little chat with the owner of this place and they make a lot of effort to design and architect each of their rentals and that was clearly reflected. This one had a wonderful mix of Balinese taste and artsy feel to it that felt very homey. A lot of villas are quite sterile and modern and it was fresh to see such a personally designed space. I’m a terrible interior designer/organizer/decorator, so it’s a huge plus to have an opportunity to speak with and enjoy people who have an artistic vision for architecture. The way the owners used colors and patterns at the villa is totally out of my normal comfort zone but it was tastefully done and different, and I loved it. For anyone who’s done all the resorts already and tired of the similar design and space, you should definitely check out this site and see what you can find!




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