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Birthday Party: Nina’s 6! The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt 新菜、6歳のお誕生日会。学校版

Our little big girl Nina’s turned six in January.  She’s just changed school and we wanted to bring another book to the birthday party.  We picked the book that helped her get through that first few weeks of school.  See how here.

For the birthday book, we picked The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt.  The book has fun paper cutouts so we decided to have the kids pick their own two colors and make paper cutout page. Similar idea to The Missing Piece party, but this time, the art was for the kids to take home.

As usual, we started with Marc introducing and reading the book to the kids.  The kids were very excited to see Nina’s daddy and cheered when he came out with the book.

For this party, I had brought bunch of origami papers for the class.  First, we handed out the black solid construction paper.   The kids got to choose two origami papers.  One for the background and one to cut out shapes from.

Initially, I wanted to see if I can get the kids to associate colors to “emotion words” and to choose the colors they thought resembled their own personality but the scene quickly went into chaos mode with fifteen children, so I gave up on that.  Maybe I’ll do it with just my kids one of these days.

Marc and I split up and went to each table with about five kids to show them few examples on how to cut paper and they got to work.  All in all, we had some great art work from the kids.  Hope they had fun sharing the art with the parents when they got home.

Nina and Mila were very proud of what they did and has been mass producing these at home.

Thanks to our lovely helper for the rainbow cupcakes.  Nina has requested cupcakes every year from our helper and it’s sort of turned into a family tradition.  With the grandparents far away, we are very thankful to have extra loving adult around.

** The new school specifically requested that  pics from schools are not shared on the internet, so unfortunately, not many pics can be shared, but some posted for reference.










Two Years Since “The Missing Piece” 新菜のお誕生日の思い出をもう一度



After writing the blog post on Nina’s birthday almost two years ago about The Missing Piece and The Big O, I realized I never went back to the school to share the completed book.  I also realized the kids who made the book was due to graduate this year.

Figured the kids would love to see their work in one book, so got in touch with the school and set up a book reading time.

I am particularly attached to this class since this was Nina’s (and my) first daycare experience and I struggled through the whole process. Nina has since changed daycare but still has some close friends there and I’ve gotten to know the teachers quite well.  I will miss this class.

I started by sharing The Missing Piece and the Big O again, and though some kids remembered, it’s a bit long to keep young kids’ attention.  It’s been two years after all.

But when I pulled out the completed version of The Missing Piece and the Big O Together, the kids got quite excited seeing their name and art work in a single book. We announced each kids name with the page and everyone cheered.

Kids laughed and screamed as their pages came up.  The Missing Piece and the Big O went all over the place, from US to Japan to Korea.  They also went to the park and rode on cool things like balloons and Choo Choo trains.

A child asked me to take the book home and I promised the teachers to send a scanned copy of the book to print for each kid.

Overall, great success and memory building with the kids.




The Missing Pieceを読んでいると、思い出してきた子もちらちら。

そして、皆で作った本ですよ~、とThe Missing Piece and the Big O Togetherを出すと、わ~~~、と期待通りの反応が。







…..Sorry it’s been two years kids, we will miss this class for sure!


Nina’s Birthday Party/新菜のお誕生日会

I’m not a big birthday party person.  I know, I have two toddlers, but I am just not a big birthday party girl.  That’s always the difficult thing with kids.  How to make it THEIR day, but a day where the parents don’t go completely insane.  At Nina’s day care, it seems like most parents just do a small party at the school, then one later with just family. Since most of Nina’s close friends are from her school, I decided to make her school party THE party.  I asked her teachers if they could set aside an hour or so for Nina’s birthday party.  Nina is currently in N1 (she’s moving up to N2 after her birthday) but a lot of her friends are in N2, so I requested to do her party with both classes.  That’s about 24 kids.

I picked a gender neutral theme, Dragons, so all the kids could have fun.  One of Nina’s favorite movies is “How to Train Your Dragon” and she has a “Dragonology” bestiary that she enjoys, which ‘details’ the nature of dragons around the world. First, I had to decide on an activity that made sense with 24 two to four year olds.  I figured a simple arts and crafts activity that they could take home as a favor would work.

Dragons -> Time of Kings and Queens -> Crown -> Kids make their own crowns!

There was an idea.  So I went to my FAVORITE store, Daiso.  The best import from Japan.  For $2, (think it should really be $1), you can get everything under the sun.  Need a bento box? Done.  Need an LED light? Done. Mini-security alarm to walk at night? Done. Those corner thingies to keep your children from whacking their heads on tables? Done. Belt, slippers, most kitchen thingies, kids’ toys, gift wrapping, anything you need, Daiso’s got it.  For my purposes, I raided the arts and crafts section for shiny stickers, felt stickers, the cell phone decorating sticker jewels and more shiny lace stickers at the gift wrapping section. I never thought I would spend more than $100 at Daiso, but I did.  Afterwards, I dropped by Spotlight, a significantly more expensive crafts store to get some bigger jewel pieces.  I then happened to look in SKP on the way home and they had pre-cut crown cutouts in red, gold, silver, blue and pink.  Good to have the color variations so the boys could have fun too.  So my crafts shopping was done and I was pretty happy with the selection I picked up.  I then prepped the items in advance, cutting out all the jewels and the stickers into manageable pieces for the kids.

Now for the main attraction, the Dragon. I found Sinsations by Radhika on Facebook and, since her cakes looked fabulous, decided to order from her.  I sent her several images of our desired Dragon cake and we chatted on the phone about the color and the decorations. I wanted a treasure chest with gold coins and jewels with a dragon on top.  And look at the cute dragon she made for us!  Radhika managed to make rice krispy treats since they don’t sell them in Singapore to make this adorable plump dragon.  Marc kept saying the dragon looks like Mila, and it kind of did. Nina screamed when she saw her cake and screeched, “DRAGON CAKE! MY DRAGON CAKE!  SO CUUUTE!“ That’s always a good sign.  I did notice a lot of the kids said “Dinosaur cake!” and when I tried to say, “No no, dinosaurs aren’t purple, this is a DRAGON cake.” They calmly responded with, “Dragons don’t exist.” Well, there’s your realist Singapore education for ya.  I’d like to think it’s because it wasn’t the skinny Chinese dragon they’re used to. I had originally planned to explain the dragon on the Dragonology book to introduce the dragon cake to the kids, but since I arrived late, I didn’t get the chance.  The kids were already jumping up and down in excitement screaming “Dinosaur cake!” so I let it go. Such a klutz…  I had picked up a pink crown candle at Spotlight and it was perfect for the dragon’s head.  Nina loved her dragon and all the kids wanted to have its head, but we had to take the dragon home whole for our birthday girl. Nina happily devoured the head as an after dinner dessert.  Check out Radhika’s blog if you are looking for a person to make a special cake! http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

After the cake, everyone went to wash their hands and face and we set up for arts and crafts time.  Nina had a special pink crown cutout with fancy decorations, so she got a bit of a head start. Small cheat for our birthday girl.  I had a whole speil about the dragon coming to visit the class and sharing the jewels, and that each crown color stood for a different virtue….but I don’t think anyone heard that bit, so I quickly gave up and just went into distributing the cutouts. The kids did get to choose which color they got.  As the kids received their crowns, we asked the teachers to put their names on the back so they could take the right one home.  Since the cutouts were clearly too big for kids that age, I also brought a stapler with me and I would measure the child’s head when he/she was finished and staple the crown so it fit them perfectly.  I was pretty impressed by how the children sat down, focused on their project and laid out their stones and stickers.  Some connected similar pieces and others laid out different ones in order. It was such chaos when we were dealing with the cake, I was starting to think this arts and crafts may have been a bad idea.  Thanks to the teachers who sat at each table and helped the children, once they started, they were perfect little productive kids.  Loved the creativity in each one.

I think everyone had a great time, and they were so cute with their completed crowns. Most of all, Nina was having a blast with her friends, laughing and making her special crown.  She sang about her really cool dragon cake and was thrilled to be the center of attention.  Such a change from a year ago when she cried at her own birthday party.

We all had to laugh when one boy kept saying, “I’m a Queen! I’m a Queen!” Maybe in 20 years, kiddo, if you so choose.  I love that kid, too cute.

Overall a successful birthday celebration.  Now, time to brain storm for next year!

A BIG Thank You to Nina’s teachers and Radhika for being flexible and supporting a couple of klutzy parents trying to make our little girl’s birthday a special one.


次はケーキ。ドラゴンの演出はケーキでやるしかないな、と思ったんですが、やっぱり難しいドラゴンケーキ。作れそうな人を探していたらSinsations by Radhikaというサイトを見つけて、見てみると、フリーでケーキを作っている方で、色々素敵なデザインのケーキをつくっていらっしゃるようで、お願いしてみたら、丁度空いてるので出来るとの事で、お願いました。電話で、宝箱に大きなドラゴンが宝石とコインを守ってる感じ、とか相当わけの分からない説明と写真をいくつか送っておねがいしたんですが、さすがです~。とってもかわいいパープルドラゴンが見事宝箱の上でチョコンと座ってるじゃないですか~。しかもこのドラゴン、ライスクリスピーで作ってあるんですが、このライスクリスピーはシンガポールでは売っていないのでそこから作られたそうです。マークいわく実良に似てないか?少し似てる。いや~、かわいいケーキ、大満足でした~。Radhikaさんのブログはこちらですので、お子様に特別なケーキを準備してあげたいけど、自分では難しい、と思う方、必見ですよ~!http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

後は親愛なるDaisoでキラキラシート、フェルトシート、キラキラレーステープにデコストーンを大量に買い込み(Daisoで100ドル以上って凄い!)それとPlaza Singapura のSpotlight(高い…)で少し補充して、飾りの用意完璧。のりやテープを使うには大人の手が足りないの全てシール。全部台紙を切ってばらばらにした状態で持って行って、テーブルに分けて置けばいい状態にしておく。当日は早めに行って準備するはずが、ケーキをとりにいくのに迷子になりまして、(バカ)肝心の親が遅れて到着(泣)。着いた途端に新菜と子供さ3人程が走って来てケーキを覗いちゃったので、びっくり、の顔を取れませんでした。でも子供達が集まってくると、新菜も大興奮でDRAGON CAKE! MY DRAGON CAKE! SO CUUUTEと大騒ぎ。他の子もキャーキャー喜んでいました。でも皆恐竜ケーキって言ってたんだよな~、中華系の竜(細長いやつ)じゃないからかな~。”恐竜じゃないよ、ドラゴンよ“って言っても、”ドラゴンなんていないよ~(笑)“って返ってくる。さすがシビアな現実主義、シンガポールの子供達…最初にドラゴン学の本を紹介して、ケーキの出して、このドラゴンが貯めた宝石を皆に特別に分けてくれるんだよ、とか冠の色は金色が勇気で、銀は賢さ…とこまこまバックストーリーを考えてあったんですが、遅れて来たので披露する暇もなし、ああ、ま、いっか、皆聞いてないっぽいし。orzまずは回りのKit Katをはがして配り、コインを配り、それからケーキを切って(削って?)配りました。子供達、大喜び。でも頭を食べたがる子多数。その場で解体する勇気がなかったのでうちに持って帰って新菜の晩御飯の後のデザートに頭は頂きました。Spotlightでたまたま買った王冠ロウソク。ドラゴンの頭にピッタリ。今回はいい買い物したわ~。歌も2回歌って貰って、新菜もご満悦。


完成した冠を被って“I’m a Queen! I’m a Queen!” と叫ぶ男の子が一人。いいよ、それが君の望む未来なら、ガンバレ。全員爆笑。いや~、子供ってかわいいなあ。



Arts and Crafts, Ready!

Arts and Crafts, Ready!

The cutest dragon cake ever!

The cutest dragon cake ever!

Nina in awe

Nina in awe

Awesome cake!

Awesome cake!

Kids working on their special crown

Kids working on their special crown

Arts and crafts fun

Arts and crafts fun

The group shot outside

The group shot outside

Nina and Mila's crowns

Nina and Mila’s crowns

Nina and her dragon head

Nina and her dragon head