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Who Buy For You? 誰が買ったの?


I picked up Nina one day wearing new yellow heels (Yes, I’ve been wearing three inch heels everyday of my life since I was 16, even when I was pregnant.  No, the ones I wore weren’t these but I wish they were! LOVE this photo! ).  Nina immediately took note and said, “Ohhhhh mummy, new shoooes, who buy for you??”  Why does my three year old daughter sound like a neighborhood auntie? The whole concept of the question bothered me…

The fact that the term “buy” was used annoyed me.
I don’t need to have “someone else” buy me shoes.

First, I assumed she got it from the other kids, but then I started listening and it’s not just the kids, it’s every person we meet on the way to school, the taxi drivers and even the teachers that ask, “Who buy for you?” for every item she’s holding or wearing.

But then, I tried to correct her, “No, the question is “who bought it for you?” and I was even more pissed off that I didn’t like that any better.  Then it occurred to me, I didn’t know what else to say.  Would “Who got it for you?” be any better?  Should that be asked at all?  How about “Oh, are those new shoes?” She’s not skilled enough to use a rhetorical question…she knows they’re new!

I asked Marc, and he said, ” If I were describing someone getting me something, I usually use ‘found’ like ’Daddy found this for me.’ since it implies that someone made an effort for me, not just put down the money.”

I guess that’s not bad…but I still don’t know what to teach her to say instead of the ever so infuriating “Who buy for you?”  Right now, I’m sticking to correcting her grammar.

What does everyone else ask their kids to say? I’ve asked around, and so far, every mom has agreed that they hate it too, but I haven’t gotten a solid what-to-teach-them-instead…


“Ohhhhh mummy, new shoooes, who buy for you??”




しかも、直そうと思って自分の口から出たのは、”Who bought it for you?”でしょ、と文法だけ治した言葉。自分に切れた。内容変わってないじゃん。それじゃダメだよ母親。かと言って、

”Who got it for you?”も訳すれば同じことだし。質問自体がいらん質問なんだけど、かといってオブラートに包んで、”それ新しい靴?”とか修辞疑問(わ、日本語難しい)なんて高度なテクを3歳児に教える事も出来ず。何て言えばいいんだろう?日本語ならどういうんだろう。日本人の子供は訊かないのか?

で、マークに訊いてみたところ、う~ん、誰かが自分にプレゼントをくれた場合だったら、Foundを使うな。“Daddy found this for me.” (パパがこれ、見つけてくれたんだよ)って感じにね。そしたら、その人が自分の事を思って探してくれた、っていう感じがするでしょ、Buyだとお金出しただけみたいだしね。とさ。

photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage . . . (playin’ hook-y ;o) via photopin cc