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Birthday Party: Nina’s 6! The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt 新菜、6歳のお誕生日会。学校版

Our little big girl Nina’s turned six in January.  She’s just changed school and we wanted to bring another book to the birthday party.  We picked the book that helped her get through that first few weeks of school.  See how here.

For the birthday book, we picked The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt.  The book has fun paper cutouts so we decided to have the kids pick their own two colors and make paper cutout page. Similar idea to The Missing Piece party, but this time, the art was for the kids to take home.

As usual, we started with Marc introducing and reading the book to the kids.  The kids were very excited to see Nina’s daddy and cheered when he came out with the book.

For this party, I had brought bunch of origami papers for the class.  First, we handed out the black solid construction paper.   The kids got to choose two origami papers.  One for the background and one to cut out shapes from.

Initially, I wanted to see if I can get the kids to associate colors to “emotion words” and to choose the colors they thought resembled their own personality but the scene quickly went into chaos mode with fifteen children, so I gave up on that.  Maybe I’ll do it with just my kids one of these days.

Marc and I split up and went to each table with about five kids to show them few examples on how to cut paper and they got to work.  All in all, we had some great art work from the kids.  Hope they had fun sharing the art with the parents when they got home.

Nina and Mila were very proud of what they did and has been mass producing these at home.

Thanks to our lovely helper for the rainbow cupcakes.  Nina has requested cupcakes every year from our helper and it’s sort of turned into a family tradition.  With the grandparents far away, we are very thankful to have extra loving adult around.

** The new school specifically requested that  pics from schools are not shared on the internet, so unfortunately, not many pics can be shared, but some posted for reference.










Taipei – Day 2 (The Night Market) 子連れ台北二日目(夜市)


Toys Toys Toys! The night market fun

Nina fell asleep on the way home and was very disappointed we were no longer in the mountains.  I told her monsters come out in the mountains at night, so we can’t stay and she agreed to stay in the city.  Three year olds are still cute!

We got back to the city and headed out to the night market.  We went to Shinlin Market, which is I guess the more touristy market in town, with lots of baubles and fun things…and food! I remembered that it was mother’s day and so when the kids started to get grouchy, I used my “it’s my day, I’m not carrying children!”  So Marc carried both kids.  (Marc swears he offered gallantly, without being whined at, who to believe!)  Nina is a relatively small three year old, so she still managed to squeeze into an ergo on Marc’s back and Mila happily clung to his shoulder in the front.  The kids played peek-a-boo, shaking Marc, but he stood tall as I ran around the market looking for food.


Shake Shake Shake! ……evil kiddies….

Taiwan is well known for having perfect produce.  Fruits in Singapore are pretty sad.  Since everything is imported, they are often over ripe, or hard.  We started with the mangos to soothe the kids.  Taiwan mangos look smaller than what I usually see in Thai or American mangoes, but they are super sweet and fragrant and the children devoured them.  I like green mangoes, so I tried the pickled mangos which were amazing.  Similar to South American mangos served with salt, lime and chili, these pickles had some beer in them to give them a little kick.  I couldn’t finish them all, but it was pretty good on a hot summer night.

I also bought a bag of custard apples, not like an apple at all.  Green fruit, never looks ripe, when you cut into it, has several black seeds and has very soft white flesh, reminds me a bit of a mix of 30% apple and 60% Japanese white peach with 10% of something I can’t quite pinpoint.  Whatever, they were the best I’ve had.  I’ve given up on buying them in Singapore, but had them in Thailand and Indonesia and this one was by far the best and the biggest.

At this time, you can tell I was in panic to feed the kids…I don’t have pictures of all the beautiful fruits! Well, comes with the territory of traveling with kids….

After the fruits, I got some beef bbq with scallions in the middle, junky, tasty morsal. SmallDSC05920 SmallDSC05921


The children’s favorite was the fried milk.  It looks like different recipes call for different milk, some use plain milk, some use condensed milk and others add a bit of coconut milk.  Whatever those sweet things were made of, they were one of our faves.  I went back three times to satisfy the kids (and my) craving.


It’s hot and yummy!


To give Marc the protein he needed to keep those kids on his back, I got him a Taiwanese sausage from an uncle that was dancing through the night.  He also made Nina jump on Marc’s back and almost fall over… We had a baked-on-the-spot bao for Marc to top him up and we were all happy and tired to go home and to bed.  Yeah, the night ended at 9PM.  Yeah, we travel with kids.


This dude was dancing thee night away!


No Fish? Asks Nina. No hells no.

Just can't get enough of them turtles....

Just can’t get enough of them turtles….

新菜は猫空から降りてくるバスで寝てしまい、街に戻ってきたことにご立腹だったけど、山は夜になると怖いよ~、モンスター出るよ~、と言いくるめた。まだまだかわいい三歳児め。 結局休む間もなくないとマーケットへ。シンリンマーケットは大きい観光客にも人気のマーケットなので、6時にはもう結構忙しく。

台湾は果物が美味しいので有名。シンがポールは輸入大国なので、熟れ過ぎか、かっちかちかでトロピカルフルーツはあるのに美味しくなかったりする。例えばこちらのRose Apple。いっつもスーパーで売っているので、一回買ってみたのだけど、生だととても食べられたもんじゃなくて、ジャムにしてみたけど、それもいまいち。結局捨ててしまった苦い経験が。それがマーケットのおばちゃんがサンプルで出してくれたやつが美味しかったのよ。さすがに買おうとは思わなかったけど、へー普通に美味しい果物なんだ、とびっくり。とりあえず、台湾マンゴーの切ったやつ。台湾マンゴーはタイやインドのものより小ぶりだったけど、ねっとり甘くて…娘たちに食べられました… 私はマンゴーの漬物を一袋買って、ポリポリしながら歩きました。まだ熟れてないちょっとすっぱいマンゴーを塩、チリとビールでつけてある感じ。ラテン系のお店でよくマンゴを塩、チリとライムで食べるのと似てるけど、あれよりもう少し漬けてあるからポリポリ感がサイコー。ビールが入ってるので、大量には食べられなかったけど、美味しかった。


この時点で、子供達はフラフラしてくるし、ご機嫌斜め。そこで母の日権利発動でマークに二人とも担いで貰いました。本人は自ら背負っただろ~、と言ってますが、どうだったっけ?新菜はエルゴでおんぶ。実良は前にだっこ。がんばれパパ。回りのおばちゃんにアイヤーとか言われながら、子供たちのいないいないばー攻撃に耐えながらマーケット散策を続けるダディ。 私はその間、走り回って、マーク好みの食べ物を探し、貢ぎ(自分も食べるし)ものをゲットしておりました。

まずは、甘いもので子供の期限を治すべきFried Milk(揚げ牛乳??)なるものをゲット。作り方は調べてみると、牛乳にコーンスターチと砂糖だけのものから、練乳やココナッツミルクを使ったりと色々ですが、これは、基本ミルキーのトロトロあったたかいバージョンってかな?懐かしい味。美味しいので、3回戻って買いました。 これで子供は機嫌も直り、お腹も膨れたので、ダディの為に奔走して、ねぎ巻バーベキュー、ソーセージ、ころっけまん?みたいなのを買い食い。どれも美味しかったです。 お腹が一杯になったらもう大人も子供も寝る時間。そうです、まだ9時、でも子連れ旅行だと基本さっさと倒れちゃうので、夜遊びまで発展しません。でも子供とガヤガヤする旅もやっぱり楽しい。