Baby Therapy 赤ちゃん癒し効果

image1 (13)The best thing about having a baby is their healing powers. No wonder how shitty your day is, you can always count on babies to smooth things out.

Even Nina, every time she needs a moment, runs over to Luca and rubs his head, cheeks and feet with a dazed out look until she can calm down.

It’s sometimes the only way for her to calm down after a rough fight with Mila or a scolding (usually for the right reasons, I think).

Our house has gone from “Mommy makes everything better” to “Here, rub Luca’s tummy, that usually fixes everything.” It works better than anything I can conjure up.

Now the question is, what do I do to calm the other kids down when Luca grows up and will no longer accept bring treated like a petting zoo…..

I’m thinking of getting one of those super round chinchillas. They look like they may have comparable healing powers. I’m gonna need it.  Seriously.








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