Nina and Her Saga For THE Shoes Part 2/新菜とハイヒール 第二戦


Chore Chart with her precious Piggy Bank

After we got home, once again, I forgot about the chore chart for few weeks.  Then Nina brought it up.  Asking again, for money.  After debating if it’s a bit too early, I said, “Why the hell not. It’s a good thing she’s asking to do it.  It may actually stick”

So I laid out some ground rules:

  1. The chores must be something where it alleviates someone else doing them. They cannot be your own basic needs. e.g. “eating dinner” or “brushing teeth” cannot be a chore as it’s the basic need.
  2. Whatever you earn goes into two buckets. Half is for the coin pig and half goes into your wallet for saving
  3. You can bring your wallet out on the weekends and spend as you like.
  4. If Mila helps you out with the chores, she gets to keep the change.  For example, if you earn 4.50 that week and Mila helped you out, she gets to keep the 50 cents.

And made a full chart with pictures.

And there it was.  The start of the chore chart.  At that point, I didn’t think this was going to last a month.








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