Two Years Since “The Missing Piece” 新菜のお誕生日の思い出をもう一度



After writing the blog post on Nina’s birthday almost two years ago about The Missing Piece and The Big O, I realized I never went back to the school to share the completed book.  I also realized the kids who made the book was due to graduate this year.

Figured the kids would love to see their work in one book, so got in touch with the school and set up a book reading time.

I am particularly attached to this class since this was Nina’s (and my) first daycare experience and I struggled through the whole process. Nina has since changed daycare but still has some close friends there and I’ve gotten to know the teachers quite well.  I will miss this class.

I started by sharing The Missing Piece and the Big O again, and though some kids remembered, it’s a bit long to keep young kids’ attention.  It’s been two years after all.

But when I pulled out the completed version of The Missing Piece and the Big O Together, the kids got quite excited seeing their name and art work in a single book. We announced each kids name with the page and everyone cheered.

Kids laughed and screamed as their pages came up.  The Missing Piece and the Big O went all over the place, from US to Japan to Korea.  They also went to the park and rode on cool things like balloons and Choo Choo trains.

A child asked me to take the book home and I promised the teachers to send a scanned copy of the book to print for each kid.

Overall, great success and memory building with the kids.




The Missing Pieceを読んでいると、思い出してきた子もちらちら。

そして、皆で作った本ですよ~、とThe Missing Piece and the Big O Togetherを出すと、わ~~~、と期待通りの反応が。







…..Sorry it’s been two years kids, we will miss this class for sure!



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