Birthday Party: Mila is 4. It’s Rainbow and Hearts Time!  実良、4歳のお誕生日会(保育園)


Mila’s Birthday Cake. She saw it and immediately screamed, “MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!” It’s your day, whatever you say!

Mila turned four this year and we have lots to celebrate!  I’m skipping around on the birthday posts since I’m organizing as I’m prepping for more.  This year, Mila didn’t want a book party, she wanted to have a “Hearts and Rainbow” party. Whatever the lady says goes.

In Singapore, it’s near impossible to find any rainbow themed party stuff.  Not even my trusted Daiso had much options.  So I turned to google and found some cute games  for a Rainbow party.  Took some ideas and added my own. Yup, I’m Japanese, when in doubt, turn to Origami.  It always saves the day.

So it came down to combination of two games.

Rainbow Race and Rainbow Punch Pinata looked simple enough that even me, the biggest klutz can make them. Take a look at the pictures for the how to on the bottom. I did most of the arts and crafts with the origami so the colors stayed consistent throughout.

We had to plan the party with 10 kids so we kept everything simple.  The Rainbow Race was a big hit and the kids played several extra rounds of it.  It helps that there is no clear winner.

Whoever finished the rainbow race and reached the other side first got to punch one hole in the pinata and get a toy.  We did two rounds of the Rainbow race/punch pinata.  Once the kids had the toys, that became their party favor.  All the kids were happy with the toys because of the element of surprise!

The whole party including the games was about an hour and a half and it took a bit of time for the teachers to calm the kids down.  They got to play few extra rounds of the Rainbow Race before getting back to their lessons.

Mila found her own cake when we passed by a cake shop.  She squealed, “Rainbow cake!  M&M cake! Oh please can I have that cake for my party!!” So that was it.  Ordered. The day of, they apparently had trouble getting M&Ms on the day of and had to run out to buy some, but all worked out well.

They have a shop in Liang Court and J-Cube but will deliver if you order over $60. It’s not too bad as far as birthday cake goes!
Happy Birthday My Little Princess!











The Rainbow Pinata starts with a poster board, exacto knife and a rice bowl.




Then comes the Origami papers in the back.  The origami paper is harder to punch than the tissue paper recommended, so right before the party, I added some cross cuts so the kids can easily puncture them.



Once the holes are covered, add the toys in a brown paper bag and stick them on the back of the holes so the kids can easily pull them out.  Each child got a chance to punch two holes and the toys they received were placed in the bag and became their favor.



The Heart Bunny Origami appeared in two places.  One is as a decoration for the cake plate and the other as pieces for the game.  The game pieces got the little googly eyes for some extra cuteness.



The Rainbow Race is super simple.  Everyone chooses one of six colors (more than one  kid can have the same color) I roll the dice of colors and you get to move up one spot if you get your color.  Whoever reaches the other side of the paper gets to go punch the pinata.  Then come back and rejoin the game.  I had prepared two rounds of pinatas so it was really hard to know who finished first.  That made it more fun for the kids.




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