Kids Birthday Parties in Singapore/シンガポールで子供のお誕生日会

With Mila turning 4, figured it’s a good time to summarize some of the birthday parties we’ve thrown.

We generally stick to doing the birthday parties at the school since most of our kids’ close friends are those they see every day. The daycare have been very good about accommodating us with an hour to an hour and a half time slot for a full birthday party instead of just cake and song. I’m not a great Instagram/Pinterest mommy, so I try to plan the activities that the kids will enjoy. It also keeps everything simple with no gifts, other than what we get them. The kids seem to remember these parties really well and will talk about them for years after. I also try to do a photobook with the party pictures later to help them remember. Well, it always ends up in chaos anyways….

The parties are usually organized in three parts:

  • Birthday song and cake: This part is pretty standard.
  • Book Reading by Marc: Marc will introduce the theme of the activity and read the book for the kids.  Daddy’s moment to shine! with some great photo ops.
  • Activity: Some kind of activity involving a theme from the book

First time we did kids birthday party, it was a Dragon themed party but the book was too complicated and the kids were too young, so we passed on the book portion. We had a brilliant cake designed to look like a dragon. Read about it here.

Themes we’ve had in the past:

Nina 2017: “The Rainbow Book” by Kate Ohrte
Mila 2016: Rainbow and Hearts
Nina 2016: ”Madeline in London”
Nina 2016: Airplane (Based on a painting she did)
Mila 2015: ”The Golden Egg”
Nina 2015: ”The Missing Piece Meets the Big O





新菜 2015: 「The Missing Piece Meets the Big O 」
実良 2015: 「The Golden Egg 」
新菜2016: 「Madeline in London 」(保育園のパーティ)
新菜2016: 飛行機 (おうちでのパーティ)
実良2016: ハートとレインボー
新菜2017: “The Rainbow Book” by Kate Ohrte



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