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Pregnancy according to a 5 year old (1)  

The funniest thing of being pregnant when your kid is old enough to have cohesive thought and talk, is they come up with their own interpretation of what is going on as you get bigger. Nina puts together the most random thoughts about pregnancy. Here’s one good one.
Nina: Hey Mommy, you’re like a machine!

Me: What!?

Nina: Well, you are making Di Di (Little Brother) right? Like his arms and head and stomach and stuff. Like a machine! That’s so cool! Can I do that?

Me:I’m not sure if ‘making’ is the right terminology here…. And NO, YOU CAN’T DO THAT FOR ANOTHER 25 YEARS!

(My daughter just bloody called me a baby making machine….)

Nina: Jeez Mommy, why are you so mad all the time?




新菜: だって、弟、お腹で作ってるんでしょ、あしとか、あたまとか、おなかとか。機械みたい!かっこいいね、新菜にもできる?