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新菜、長女。実良、次女。 Nina Grows Up and Mila….



のそのそ ぺたぺた 肥満ペンギンか、二足歩行ハムスターといべきか。これ、まだ5か月半あるの?あれ?









恐らく、この後に、「何もしなくても怒られてない」 が来る...









ミラ様、意識改革なるか!? 三人目来たらそれどころじゃないぞ。


Nina Grows Up (And Mila…)

So I’ve totally underestimated pregnancy since my first two pregnancies were so easy.  This pregnancy has been kicking my butt.  First trimester sucked, with second trimester came the swelling and crazy weight gain…It’s a normal pregnancy, I just didn’t have it this bad the first two times.

Basically, I waddle around like an obese penguin, or hamster walking on its hind legs. Really, not feeling that great at the moment.

With my trusty helper away for two weeks, I suffered.

Who steps up? My big girl Nina.

To the extent that without being asked, she’ll take her plates into the kitchen and do the dishes herself.  I was getting teary and she throws down another bomb.

“Auntie Jane always does the dishes to help mommy, but she’s not here so I clean the dishes for you mommy because Di Di (little brother) eats all your food and takes your energy”

I’m gonna go run into my room and cry….

Later that night, I put the kids to bed and I’m sitting in the living room, I hear sobbing.

“Nina? What are you crying about in the dark?”

“I did everything by myself… I put the toys away, I cleaned, I ate all my dinner….”

Reading between the lines. (MILA doesn’t do anything and doesn’t get in trouble)

It’s true.  Mila does the absolute minimum of what she should do and gets away with it ‘cause the energy it takes her to do the same amount is just not there.

She conveniently tucks herself away when she doesn’t feel like doing something and avoids the line of fire.  As try as I may not to stereotype, she’s the princess second child.  When Nina did the dishes, as Nina finished up and was feeling so proud (and with me praising her like I’ve gone mental…I almost did) Mila walked over, tossed in her used bowl and walked away.

I knew that Nina teared up and I had scolded Mila, but clearly not to Nina’s satisfaction.

The better Nina behaves, she feels like she’s being cheated.  I get it, I’m just not sure what to do about it.  All I can do is praise her and give her extra something.

Now what to do with that little princess…..wait til little bro arrives Mila….just you wait….

Yeah, that’s Mila behind Nina, throwing in her plate… image1 (5)