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RE: Beginning

Seriously, it’s been bloody close to 2 years since I wrote anything.  So this probably isn’t even the same blog anymore.  Should call it something else, oh whatever.

So what the hell was I doing for 2 years?  Well….working.

I meant to walk back into work, but then I galloped, then I ran like hell and basically lost the grounds I was walking on.  Could no longer be a wife or mother, if I was going to work.

The work-life-balance thing we talk about so much in the US. Not here, not even close.

So the most important thing, the reason I started working, was family.  So if they suffer, it’s not worth it.

I also found out that I’m expecting my third.

It was the last straw.  I have to be available, to be a mother.  If that’s not an option, then the other factor had to go.

Hate that I have to give it all up but unfortunately, the reality was, that’s the best I could do….

So, what has it been like being home for 3 weeks?

OH THE DIFFERENCE, the way Nina and Mila behave, the way they interact, the stress level for Marc.  Its crazy how much pressure I was putting on them by not being around and being stressed out myself.  Some moms are awesome at doing great with both.  Wasn’t working out for me.  Well, maybe I can write about it some other time.

I’m writing in Starbucks now watching from the corner of my eyes, a guy going through an interview.  Wonder if he’s pitching an idea for investment or interviewing for a job.

Whichever it is, I hope it works out for him. I miss it, but I don’t.

Well, on to the next thing.