Japan for a month/ 新菜の日本語ブートキャンプ


Nina’s mismatch fashion on a rainy day. She will be dressed like this all the time. Welcome to Japan’s rainy season!

Where are we this summer? Japan. We arrived on Friday and we are planning to be here for almost a month. I haven’t done a trip this long in a while, so I’m hoping to relax and actually spend some time finding more about my own neighborhood.

We usually don’t do long trips since we prefer to spend time together as a family and Marc can’t take too much time off. This year, we decided to do the long trip for one reason…


Really, it’s not that serious. She’s just being enrolled at a local daycare for 3 weeks. She’s going all day, from 930 to 530. No one there will speak English, so she will have to use her Japanese. A lot of Japanese families seem to do this as the daycare centers I called up said, “Oh yes, summer visitors.”

If we were in Tokyo, summer daycare is not an option since daycare centers are overflowing with waiting list to the moon and back. However, my house is in the middle of nowhere. I called a few places and they all seem to have short term options available. The daycare Nina will be going to has a spot reserved solely for the purpose of short term care.

Since the moment we landed in Japan, Nina’s been super excited about her new school and new friends. We visited today and they have pet rabbits, a small vegetable garden, a big yard and a decent sized basic water play set. The class size is bigger than she is used to, but the teachers seem very nice and happy. Tomorrow, her boot camp begins. She’s really looking forward to it and I have my fingers crossed that it is everything she thinks it is. Worst case scenario, if she’s crying loud enough, I can run over there and pick her up. Hope the day goes well!


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