(Not So) Mellow Yellow 実良がオレンジ色に!

Post 45_Mila Yellow-crop

No, this is NOT what she looks like. I altered the image a little. I would have noticed THIS.

Few days ago, I took Mila to the pediatrician. She had a small bumpy rash on her hand, so I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t eczema. I sat in the Dr’s office, I explained to the nurse why I was there and she took notes. The Dr. walked in, took one look at the note, turned to Mila, took a look at the palm of her hand and determinedly said, “Her eyes are clear, her liver isn’t inflamed, no worries, it’s not jaundice.” and nonchalantly turned to the computer and entered notes.


She turned to me, “If anyone tells you you need to get her checked for jaundice, it’s not, no worries. No health risk.”

……Did I mention she has a small rash? Wait, did you just say my child is YELLOW?

Forgive my ignorance, I had only heard of jaundice in relation to a newborn. Mila’s 18m and I had no idea that she was yellow.

The Dr. held Mila’s hand in her palm, ran her finger over it and confidently said, “See, it’s a different color from mine and yours, it’s more yellow.” Well, sorry to say this, I’m Asian, my daughter is three-quarters Asian and I thought that was her normal color. I’m kind of yellow too, I mean, what the hell? Dr. seemed pretty convinced, turned to me and asks,

“Does she eat a lot of pumpkin and carrots? Oranges?”
“She does, she probably has at least one of those a day, more likely all three.”
“It’s called Carotenodermia, there are no health consequences, so no worries, even if you were to stop giving her those foods now, she’ll be yellow for 9-12 months.”

Seriously, if she’s yellow now, she’s been yellow for a while. I didn’t even notice it. She’s a bit darker than Nina, but I thought that was normal.

So I looked up Carotenodermia when I got home. Seems like it’s not an issue, in fact, it usually implies that they’re getting a good amount of Vitamin A. It’s true. Mila barely ever gets sick. Occasionally, she gets a runny nose from her sister, but for an 18m old, she’s quite tough and seems to fight off sickness pretty well. An overdose of Vitamin A is not good, but that’s very unlikely if she’s getting Vitamin A from food and not from supplements. We don’t use any supplements, so we should be OK.

I wonder if she’s looked kind of funny all along.

I called up a friend and asked her, “Hey, is Mila yellow?” She said she’d never noticed it, in fact, she thought Mila was pretty fair. Her daughter was more olive in color, although she had more caucasian blood in her.

Now that I’ve been made aware, I can see that the back of Mila’s foot is kiiiiind of yellow, but seriously?? I’ve spent so much time with her and I didn’t even notice. I looked at Nina, but she doesn’t look all that yellow either. Damn, are we all more yellow (literally) than we should be?

I had just gone to a pediatrician few weeks ago, but I guess they failed to catch it since her usual Dr is Caucasian and she didn’t look terribly off color for an Asian (mixed) kid. I went to a Chinese Singaporean Dr this time and she totally called it!

So now, I’m cutting down on dark green and orange veggies in our diet. That doesn’t leave me with many veggies, but I need to stop this before she looks like she has a fake tan.

….oh, the rash turned out to be just a tactile allergy and should go away on it’s own in a week or so…in fact, it’s fading already.

Man, this appointment totally destroyed my sense of motherhood. I’ve been feeding her healthy food and giving her super healthy snacks all this time….
OK, so less orange-yellow veggies, no citrus, less dark green veggies. I’m really not left with many options here. Daikon, beets, cauliflower, chayote, eggplant, zucchini….

My kids don’t like any of those… So please please please turn back to normal color ASAP!

Now the big question is, What is Mila’s normal color and will I recognize it?




がーーーーーーーーーん。 親、気づいてなかったよ。ORZ












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