Final Day in Hanoi and Back home! 子連れハノイ旅行最終日


By the time we made it back to Tu Ling Legend in Hanoi, it was already past 4PM.  My sister and I patted ourselves on the back for returning from Halong Bay with a healthy happy toddler.  We unpacked and quickly got ready to leave again for dinner.  We decided to go to a nearby place recommended by the hotel. We picked up some shrimp “ban cuon” (Vietnamese rice roll) and custard pudding on the way home and went to bed early.

We had to leave again at around 8AM the next morning for our flight back to Singapore, and at that moment, I realized I hadn’t done much Vietnamese feasting at all. So I got up at 6AM, woke my sister and Mila and ran outside for some “pho”. Fortunately, the “pho” street stall around the corner from our hotel was supposed to be one of the better places, so we had two bowls of hot perfect broth to start the day. I miss having good “pho”.  I haven’t really found a GREAT “pho” place in Singapore, so it was great.  After that, I literally ran to the next “ban cuon” stall because I love love love the smoked meats in Vietnam and I had been eyeing the thinly sliced sausages the night before.  Both mini-meals were delicious and totally worth running out at 6AM for. I’m bitter I didn’t have the chance to grab a “banh mi” before I left, but that’ll have to be next time.

We said good-bye to Hanoi, and boarded the plane back to Singapore. Fortunately, we were able to secure a seat for Mila between the two of us, but the flight back was a bit of a terror.  Mila finally broke down and did not want to be on any kind of transportation anymore and screamed and kicked. It took a long time to calm her down.  Again, we were helped by a family that sat around us.  The 4 year old girl in front of us would stick her hand back from between the seat and make Mila laugh.  The aunties and grandmas in the row next to us would make funny faces and talk to her.  Even though Mila gave everyone a tough time, by the end, she was friends with everyone again, and when we got off the plane, the whole two rows around us got up and waved together, as they said, “Bye Bye Mila-Chan!  We love you~~~” I am very sorry that I wasn’t able to contain her anger for that two and a half hour flight, but also super thankful for the love and care of the other passengers.  I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful and understanding company.

We had a late lunch at the airport and arrived at home just before Nina so we were able to welcome her home from school for the weekend.  Nina jumped with joy as she saw Mila and gave us all hugs.  We hugged her back and showed her all the goodies we got her.  We got a very cute fashion show out of it, with both Nina and Mila strutting around in their new Vietnamese outfits.  The trip was totally worth it, but there’s nothing like being together as a family!



飛行機に乗るまでは、遅れもなく調子が良かったのが、乗った途端に実良さんがぷちきれ。遂に大泣き。なだめてもダメ、シートベルトサインも着いてるので動く事も出来ず、周りに謝る事しかできない。その状況でも、近くに座っていた大家族がとっても優しくしてくれて、とても助けられた。前に座っている4歳の女の子は前から手を出して、シールやおやつをくれたり、笑わせてくれたり。お姉ちゃん大好きの実良は大喜び。隣の列のおばちゃんやおばあちゃんも面白い顔して笑わせてくれたり、抱っこしようとしてくれたり、素敵な家族だった。降りるときには2列くらいの家族が皆一緒に立って、「Bye Bye Mila-Chan!  We love you~~~」とお見送りしてくれて、ご迷惑ばかりおかけしたのに、優しくしてくれて、涙が出そう。いつでも旅では色んな人が手助けしてくれる、そんなつながりを再確認出来ました。ニューヨークでも日本でも周りに助けられた事は何度もある、でもアジアを旅していてると、本当に子供に対しての愛情が溢れていて、子供を産んで良かった、子供を通して人と出会えて、良かった、と思える事が多い。


Hmmm, ban cuon with smoked meat. Sooooo gooood!

Hmmm, ban cuon with smoked meat. Sooooo gooood!

ban cuon, the thin crepes with the mint is so fresh and so good!

ban cuon, the thin crepes with the mint is so fresh and so good!

Pho!  Oh how I miss you so much!

Pho! Oh how I miss you so much! Love the ikea style squat chairs barely big enough for Mila.  


Charming uncle at the ban cuon stall.  Happy to pose for a photo : )

Charming uncle at the ban cuon stall. Happy to pose for a photo : )

Nina and Mila in a Vietnamese dress with a modern twist

Nina and Mila in a Vietnamese dress with a modern twist

The Ao Dai from ABC stopover.  Bright colors in silk.

The Ao Dai from ABC stopover. Bright colors in silk.




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