Sugarlight Photography  シンガポールで家族写真

Sisters on the swing

All my facebook posts used to be food before I was married. After I got married, it was mostly food and travel photos. Then we had our first baby and all the posts were of every little thing our baby did. Then we had our second child, and I stopped taking pictures. Between the double diaper, the double feeding, chasing in different directions, I just didn’t take as many pictures and post photos on FB as much as I used to. It’s no excuse, there are plenty of wonderful mommies that take gorgeous photos of their children and post them every day despite being super busy.

Every few months, I try to make a photobook to send to our families back home of our growing children. Every time I sit down to do that, I’m shocked at how few pictures I have of the whole family. The other thing that always makes me a bit sad is the disproportionate number of daddy and baby photos and not as many mommy and baby photos. Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that Nina is a total daddy’s girl and if he’s there, she’s hanging on his neck, which means I’m usually freed up (Mila isn’t that clingy yet) to take the photos. Since Marc is pretty much debilitated from doing anything but carry Nina, all the pictures are of him, and not me. I’m not bitter, really. Really….

Anyways, I figured since we did a 1 year album for Nina, I also wanted to do one for Mila to make up for the lack of family photos. It would also be nice to have an album for each of them to take away when they leave home. Planning ahead : ) I looked around for different photographers, but what I found was that most of them seemed very posed and commercial. Nina’s album was the same way, her eyes were a bit too sparkly and the photos seemed a bit over edited. I found Sugarlight Photography on FB and fell in love with the outdoor photos she took, especially her use of light. What I loved even more was that Sugarlight Photo is run by a fellow Singapore expat mommy, Gunilla Lingdren, and her lovely assistance/daughter, Erica.  Erica is still in high school but for weekend photo session, sometimes helps her mom out.  As a mother of two little girls, just watching a beautiful mother daughter pair bonding over work is the biggest pleasure. They were both very professional, but at the same time, it was so personal. So very different from a photo session where the photographer says, look this way and smile!

Erica did a brilliant job of keeping our daughters occupied, jumping up and down to get their attention, setting up the props and getting them to smile with their hearts. The interaction between mother and daughter made me smile even wider for sure! The fact that she’s willing to spend her precious weekend helping out her mom actually brings tears to my eyes. And here it is, the end product. This is EXACTLY how I want to remember my two little ones and their precious sisterly moments. Now I know where to look when I need a moment of zen after a fierce day of potty training! Check out Gunilla’s blog and FB page for more info if you are looking for a family photographer.

Thank you Gunilla and Erica for a beautiful photo album, but also for sharing your family time with us. It’s the best gift of all for a beginner mom. There’s still hope for the teenage years!


ま、そんなかんだで新菜の一歳のアルバムも作ったし、実良にも作ってあげよう、家族写真撮ろう!と家族アルバムをお願いする事にしました。そしたらいつか子供達に一冊づつもたせてあげられるし~。(気が長い話やね)新菜のアルバムはオーチャードの近くにあるスタジオにお願いしたんですが、なんとなく商業的っていうか、いいんだけど、何だかおめめのキラキラが強調され過ぎてるっていうか、ちょっと気になった事もあって、今回はもう少しナチュラルに撮ってくれる人を探そう、と思っていました。そこで、出会ったのが、Sugarlight Photographyです。外で撮ってくれるんですが、光りの使い方がものすごく素敵で、強すぎるシンガポールの太陽をとっても優しい光りに変えてくれる、そんな写真にほれ込んでしまって、お願いしました。もちろんスタジオでのセッションも希望すればやってくれます。

でも何よりも嬉しかったのは、同じく海外から来たお母さん、グニラさんがやってらっしゃる事。自分の子供達が小さい時にそれほど写真を撮っていなくて、後悔して、それを職業にまで極められる素敵ママで。やはり写真から感じた通りの優しくて、朗らな女性。しかも、アシスタントとして、高校生のお嬢さん、エリカさんがお手伝いをしてくれるという。ほんわかだけど、きびきびした素敵な母娘に家族写真と撮ってもらうなんて、それだけで、和むわ。エリカさんはうちの子供達の気を引くために一生懸命で、小道具のセットとかもおまかせで、大忙し。週末、こんな風に幸せな家族時間をつくってくれるなんて、感動ものの娘さん。涙がでるわ。スタジオで、はい、こっち向いて~、笑って~、なんてお仕事で言われるよりも一生懸命に笑いをとってくれる方が自然ににっこり出来る。素晴らしい時間でした。うちは全員結構照れ屋でカメラ目線で笑うって事が出来ないんですよ。でも、ここまで微笑ましい事してくれちゃったら自然と幸せオーラが出ますよね。しかも、じゃ、一時間たったか終わりね、ではなくて、納得いくまで撮ってくれる。いい仕事してらっしゃいます。 そして、その結果がこの素敵な写真。アルバム全てはお見せできませんが、この写真一つでも母の心のよりどころです。恐怖のトイレトレーニングの後でも、この写真を見れば少し和める。感謝です。 ご興味のある方、ぜひぜひブログとFBページを覗いて下さい!シンガポールで家族写真を撮るなら、あったかーいファミリーを感じながらのポートレートセッションがお勧めです。


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