Christmas Day in Bali/バリでのメリークリスマス

Day five in Bali was Christmas Day.  Sad thing about spending Christmas in Southeast Asia is the heat.  Holiday season doesn’t feel quite right without the brisk air.  I know, if any of my friends in NY or Boston read this, they’ll all curse me to freeze in hell.  To be honest, I say this now, but if I was actually in a blizzard in New York for Christmas, I’d only last about 5 minutes before begging to return to Asia.  At 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit, and yes, I put Celsius first), I feel cold now, need to go look for a sweater. My body has completely assimilated to this hot humid weather.  Anyways, I digress.

First sunny day since we landed!  Beautiful blue skies, the temperature suddenly spiked, THIS is the Bali we came for!  So our day started with the unwrapping of the presents.  The biggest hit this year was from my sister. She got Nina a Hello Kitty camera. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a screwdriver or a battery (it’s a kid’s toy after all) so we couldn’t do anything with it until we got home. After her camera, Nina quickly lost interest and we moved on to walk to the beach.  In Asia, you carry an umbrella to shield you not just from the rain, but the sun as well.  Once the sun is out, just a 5 minute walk can burn a child, so an umbrella is crucial.

What was supposed to be a 5 minute walk quickly ended up being half an hour.  When I travel I like to walk around and take in the different sites of places.  People have different lives in other parts of the world and the little snippets you get give different clues.  There were many manicured gardens, new buildings going up with bamboo support beams, beautiful wood carvings in the doorways.  All these things make a trip special. The kids didn’t love it, but hopefully, they are internalizing some aspects somewhere in their minds.

The first tragedy hit when we were sitting down for lunch by the beach.  Pulling his chair to sit down, my brother-in-law screamed in pain.  Either a wasp or a bee had stung his hand.  He was in pain for good few hours, but fortunately, no further symptoms.  Scary, considering I’m pretty allergic to bees and my kids haven’t been stung yet.  We were forced to move away from the place as fast as we could and sat down another half an hour later at a resort area for lunch. After lunch, we rented out the sun beds at a nice looking resort and hung out at the beach.  The perfect beach vacation day.  Ocean, kindle, nap and gelato.  Beautiful.

We had requested the villa owner to have Christmas dinner delivered to the villa, so we could enjoy a relaxing evening and she definitely came through!  When I originally asked, the owner suggested either a turkey or beef roast with Yorkshire pudding.  I’m not so much a British food fan, but more importantly, I wanted to have local people making local food, so we requested a not so Christmas menu.

On the menu:
Fresh salad with avocado, organic and locally grown with homemade dressing
Tom Yum soup
Babi Guling (Balinese roast pig dish) with all the trimmings and rice
Fruit basket with all sorts of local goodies like rambutan, mangoes, pineapple
Chocolate cake
Passion fruit sorbet
Organic homemade berry juice with ginger extract

They also sent over a helper to come and set up dinner, clean up and play with the kids during dinner. Great service!

The food was awesome, and we could see that the owners took an interest in arranging and preparing some extra dishes for us with a lot of personal touches.  Maybe not your typical Christmas dinner, but we weren’t expecting to have a standard Christmas anyways!

We were relaxing after dinner when we suddenly noticed the hundreds of large insects flying around above our heads and crawling on the walls.  They weren’t the biting kind, so it was just a nuisance and the owner suggested spraying any kind of bug spray and leaving them alone and they would quickly disappear.  The amazing thing was, two hours later, they seemed to have all fallen to the ground.  Singapore has a lot of geckos and they’re generally gross.  Some people defend them by telling me that they eat mosquitos and other bugs, but I’ve never seen them do shit…except shit on my floor.  In Bali, these guys were working hard.  Gross visual, but they were catching these buggers left and right.  It was kind of amazing to watch.  Nature at its best I guess. We just swept the remaining wings from the floor and moved on with lounging around.  Writing this, I’ve just realized how immune I have become to certain things.  I think couple of years ago, I would have run away screaming and locked myself in the bedroom.  You can get used to anything.  Apparently, these weird flying insects are seasonal, so not to worry for those visiting Bali, they don’t last that long either.  Really, few hours and poof!  Gone.



そろそろお腹が空いてきたね~、と言ってレストランに座ろうとした途端に、 妹婿が指を抑えてぎゃっと悲鳴を上げた。あぶかはちに指を刺されたらしい。幸い腫れなかったのだけど、相当痛かったらしくて数時間は指に氷をあてておりました。私と妹と多分子供達は蜂アレルギーなので、大急ぎでその場を離れて、結局その後30分程行ったところでご飯を食べました。其の後はもう完璧なビーチバケーション(キンドル、海、空、ジェラート)をゆっくり楽しめたので良かったけど、はち、(腫れなかったからあぶか?)怖いわ~。






Xmas dinner at the villa

Xmas dinner at the villa

DSC04382 DSC04365 DSC04403 DSC04404 DSC04425 DSC04426


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