Who’s Yo Mama

It all started when Nina came home from school one day.  She was playing by herself, singing and laughing. Suddenly, I notice that she’s singing “Yo Mama~~, Yo Mama~~.” I look up and thought, dude, did my 2 year old just sing a Yo Mama joke with me in the room? Where would she pick that up from?  No one in the house makes them, we don’t watch TV. I haven’t even seen a Yo Mama youtube video since I’ve been here, OK, I haven’t watched one for years before that.  I pull Nina aside, give her a short lecture that it’s not a nice thing to say.  She says, “I learn at school.” I’m thinking, Really?  Singaporean Toddlers make Yo Mama jokes? Whatever, no point in questioning her further.

It continues for weeks.  I thought it was a phase, but it’s going longer than my liking.  I know she doesn’t get it, but are the teachers in the day care center addressing this? Is this start of bullying?  OH yeah, paranoid parent thought process kicks in.

So the next day when I go pick Nina up, I’m determined to talk to the teachers.  I approach the door.  I hear it.

“Yo Mama, Yo Baba, Yo Mei Mei”….. HUH?

Yup, it’s their Mandarin class.

They are not saying “Yo”, though that’s what I heard out of my toddler.  They are saying “Wo” or 我. I, me, in this case, “My” Mama.  I think it’s technically 我的妈妈 or Wo De Mama, but 2 year olds don’t necessary bother with the technicalities.

Nina’s teacher, or Lao Shi, pokes her head out and says “Hello, Nina Mommy, are you picking her up?”

Yes I am.  And I promise to leave my daughter alone when she’s practicing her Chinese.   I cracked up at my paranoid self and said sorry to Nina for scolding her.  She didn’t get it and if she ever asks me what I was talking about, I’m showing her this.


Parental Rant END.


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