How do I start a blog? Or decide to start a blog? I’m not someone with a very concrete purpose, I’m not a super mommy, I’m not a great chef, particularly crafty, nor am I a great writer. I don’t have a concrete theme that I will dedicate my blog to. So I’ll call this an experiment and a place to track my random thoughts with some focus on languages.

My friend I saw the other day said something interesting, paraphrasing it, she said, “I believe the language you speak drives how you think as a person”…maybe it’s not what she said, but that’s what I heard. So this is where my whole experimental idea comes from. I’m a “third culture kid” I was born in Japan, but moved to the United States when I was 8. My parents were very culturally Japanese in some sense and yet very progressive. I went through the American education system, went to a US university, worked in New York for close to 10 years, and then moved to Singapore 2 years ago. People who know me would typically describe me as being very American, but there are some aspects of my core that are strangely Japanese. I wondered, after hearing my friend, if this core is from the fact that the Japanese language came first for me and English second. Although if you ask me now, I would consider English as my prominent language, I wonder what there is to that first language that determines your cognitive process. My situation is not unique, but I wanted to document my thought process in both languages to see if I can figure out the dualities in me. I’ve also never written both in Japanese and in English, so I thought it may be interesting to those that are studying either language, or are coming from similar backgrounds, or raising children in a similar situations as I am.

The other reason to start this blog is following my children’s developments. My daughters are half Japanese, quarter Vietnamese and quarter American (Caucasian originally from the UK area) growing up in Singapore. My older daughter Nina, is almost 3, born in New York and moved to Singapore when she was 8 months old. She is now learning English (being exposed to both Singaporean English and American English), Japanese and Mandarin.
My younger daughter Mila was born in Singapore and recently turned 1. Clearly, she is not speaking yet, but she is reacting to certain words in Japanese and English.

I don’t have any background in psychology, language studies, or anything of that level, so this blog will most likely remain a personal rant with very limited sample groups, mainly my personal experience and struggles raising children in a mixed cultural background. Is that interesting to anyone? Maybe not. I know a couple of moms that may be interested, so why not put it out there?
So here’s a start, of a potentially short journey, or a long one. Who knows?








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